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The Seat of Satan and the coming Universal Religion.

Leo Lyon Zagami has written an excellent book titled: Pope Francis The Last Pope? Money, Masons and Occultism In the Decline of the Catholic Church.

In this book Zagami states that the Catholic Church is being taken over by an occult driven, Masonic movement called the Universal Church which will be dictated by the coming global government as a universal One World Religion which will hold all future world citizens in it's grasp as early as the year 2020.

Zagami states:
The last pope narrative regained importance with the historical abdication of Pope Benedict XVI(Joseph Alioisius Ratzinger)in February, 2013. His resignation led to the surprising election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as the first Jesuit pope in history. It's very unusual to have two popes living in the Vatican at the same time. What's more, Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio)[shown below] fits the profile of one whom many have prophesied to be the last, and who will oversee the final transformation and destruction of the catholic church.(1)

Joel Labruyere, a contemporary French researcher, in his book, Kali Yuga,(published only in France and Italy) helps us understand the true spirit of elite Jesuit members like Bergoglio: "The Society of Jesus [Jesuit] is the secret society more structured and probably more(active than any other) on earth. In any case it is the only organization that has really focused and who has effective occult powers, a fact that is entirely unknown to most people."(2)

Francisco's election changes the paradigm behind the election of the Bishop of Rome, and the first to bear witness of this is Bergoglio himself.  From the Lodge of the Basilica, on the evening of his election, he joked about his appointment before his flock cheering; "I have been taken almost at the end of the world." Notice how he specified that he has been taken "at the end" and not "in the end" -- it seems that his wording refers to a temporal dimension, not a spatial one. This statement seems very close to the "thoughts and ideology of what is considered the "standard -bearer of the progressive catholic";--the Jesuit Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini."(3)

Martini, a friend and supporter of Bergoglio, was a Freemason (something also said of Bergoglio), and was, until his death in August 2012, considered an antagonist of Catholic traditionalism, as carried out by Ratzinger. It evoked an opening of the Church toward a One World Religion scenario, a mission he actively endorsed by working on the One World Bible project, a subject analyzed in depth by David W. Daniels in the recent book, Why They Changed The Bible: One World Bible For One World Religion(Chick Publications, 2014).(4)
Zagami explains the NWO, occult connection revealed in the papal coat of arms chosen by Bergoglio.
"Firstly, the presence of the staff would address the close connection Bergoglio had to Vatican Freemasonry, the mysterious Lodge Ecclesia, that had, since the 1970's, helped him in his slow but steady ascent to the Papal Throne. Secondly, the flower of nard indicates the Universal Church. According to sources inside the Vatican, the Universal Church is now conspiring to overtake the Catholic Church, with itself to become the cult of "state" behind the impending global government as construed by the New World Order. This move is led by a certain type of Freemasonry, which specifically relates to Luciferian thoughts of Madame Blavatsky, and is expressed via the symbols present on the coat of arms. They represent the mondialist program behind the reign of Pope Francis, and are fueled with eccumenism, secularisation, and a sort of Masonic doctrine. With its consequent shift to a Universal Church, and instep with modernity; open to inter-religious dialogue and globalist thought, it is a Church increasingly distant from tradition, and closer to what is defined as New Age. It is a church that seeks to swallow up and hold all the future citizens of the New World Oder in their long anticipated One World Religion."(5)
Zagami continues to write:
"I would call him (Pope Francis; Bergoglio) a "technical"pope in the period before the complete collapse(of the Catholic Church) a sort of "Governor"of the Church who reminds me of the ex-Italian Prime Minister and economist Mario Monti, a proud Jesuit student and a member of the Bilderberg directorate, who rose to power in Italy without being elected, kicking out Berlusconi in 2012 thanks to the Bilderberg and the Vatican. With a sort of technical coup d' etet to save the stability of the NWO(New World Order) Euro Zone, Pope Francis and his team are a kind of "Insolvancy service" set up by the Vatican Jesuits.

Francis needs to be a sort of ferryman, who would ferry the Vatican ship to the end of its time on earth, preparing for the advent of the so-called Universal Church in 2019.(6)
Zagami goes on to state that Beppe Grillo who is:
"linked to the Academy of the Illuminati in Rome published on his website that "Maybe the next one;[the next pope];will be a black Pope,"; Some say to this day, that Pope Francis is the so-called "black Pope" of the Malachi prophesies;
the famous Petrus Romanus.(7)

The esteemed Catholic intellectual Enrico Maria Radaelli, a Professor of Philosophy and Director at the Department of Esthetic Philosophy of International Science and Commonsense Association, who has always opposed the resignation of Ratzinger, wrote after Ratzinger's decision[to resign]: "IT IS NOT YET TIME FOR A NEW POPE BECAUSE HE WILL BE AN ANTIPOPE."(8)

The picture emerging is that the Church of today is made of sexual scandals, pedophilia, and blackmail, performed by the clergy and Vatican workers at all levels.  There is a "mafiosi" protection of sorts,  exercised by powerful and respected cardinals, bishops and archbishops of the infamous "lobby".  Many of the orgies organized continuously in the Vatican and villas on the outskirts of Rome as well, are often the result of actual Black Masses.  Pope Francis on the 27th of May, 2014, on his way back from the Holy Land stated, "Pedophilia is like black masses."(9)

Tolerated and covered-up by Church officials such as Ratzinger, who, in his previous role, should have been a true Grand Inquisitor." so as to send them all to the stake (or at least to jail), as the Holy Office did in the old days. Instead Ratzinger, who some say was blackmailed over his own gay sex secrets, continued to tolerate the many Satanists who practice pedophilia in the clergy, until it was too late, even for him, and he was forced to leave.(10)

The link between Satanism and pedophilia has been confirmed by the studies of Dr. Tonino Cantelmi, a well known Italian psychiatrist. Such studies were made public in a book he co-wrote with Dr. Crostinad Cacace, a clinical psychologist, called Il Libro Nero del Aatanismo or "The Black Book on Satanism" published in 2007 by the main Vatican publisher Edizioni San Paolo. The link has been proven on a scientific level in the Catholic world, and I will, in other publications, provide proof that there are Satanic sects operating in the Vatican. It is clear that the church is partially controlled by a bunch of Satanists. This is not a religious statement, but a clinical and factual one.(11)
The Nazi Connection

Zagami states,
"A last note of interest regarding the Nazi connection and their sympathizers. I pose the question: "Where do you think the most famous German officers and other Nazi characters took refuge after their defeat? I'll give the answer: In Argentina, the home of Pope Bergoglio, whose flag is, amongst other things, similar to the symbol of the Jesuits. Both designs have a sun that radiates 32 solar rays with the same design pattern. All things considered, and knowing the colonial past of the Jesuits in South America, it's a little too close to be a coincidence, don't you think?"(12)
The Temple Of The Work Of The Holy Spirit

Zagami writes:
There are forces operating within the Catholic institution that appear to be a tremendous betrayal, no one seems to want to stop them, because the stakes are too high and could mean the very survival of the Church. If one day the Church is completely surrounded, it could cave in and embrace the so-called Islamic conversion, termed "Chrislam." This has already begun, but before completion there must be a final attempt to transform the Catholic Faith into a Universal Church for the New World Order. The Universal Church would be without a leader. To achieve this result, the divine nature of a pope must be completely distorted and minimized by a striking gesture, and that gesture began with "the resignation," made in 2013 by Pope Benedict XVI[Ratzinger]. He would be the only pope in history that could retire with his whole team. That is, perhaps until 2019, in accordance to readying themselves for the final announcement of the New World Order in 2020. The suggested timeline has more than a grain of truth upon which we should consider. The information was obtained directly from an inside source in the Vatican of some importance. This timeline was articulated by Dr. Leonardo Montuoro, nicknamed "The man of the Holy Spirit" by the recently sainted Pope John Paul II. He was the right-hand man of the former Prefect Enrico Marielli, who was nicknamed by the polish pope as "the General," and for years acted as head of his personal security. Montuoro confirmed the possible destruction of the Vatican in the next few years, and for this reason they felt the need to create an alternative site called the Temple of the Work of the Holy Spirit, currently under construction in Palestrina, a town near Rome. Palestrina is sort of Vatican 2, set to be ready by 2019, and is already planning to join the Extraterritorial Rights afforded to the Vatican City.(13)

The diocese where this temple is under construction is lead by another important figure of the contemporary Catholic scene, Bishop Sigalini, who runs the powerful Italian Catholic  Cattolica, a person I describe in depth in the third volume of my trilogy, "Confessions of an Illuminai, which also deals with the inter-religious work of the Neo-Templars in the Vatican. These individuals are linked in the past to John Paul II, who would obviously like to see all religions combined according to the infamous Jesuit-Masonic Zionist NWO plan, in a temple common to all religions led by the Vatican, and dedicated to the Holy Spirit, to be inaugurated by 2019.(14)

As Christians we must wake up and admit that Satan controls some outwardly religious institutions that put on the face of good acts of mercy and charity, but inwardly are ravenous wolves dangerous to our saving faith. We must always investigate and not accept what the religious institution says at face value. We must admit there are very evil men masqarading as saints such as the current pope who intend to lead the world into a false Universal Religion which will endorse the coming Masonic Occult driven world government and the coming cashless world financial system leading directly to the mark of the beast.

We have reached the time spoken of in the books of Daniel and Revelation: the end of the age. We must admit this and face the reality that life will get very hard in the very near future. We must grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ to get through the tough times ahead and not deny what is happening. The politicians and clergy are so corrupt, they simply cannot be trusted, but we can trust in our rock and our salvation, Jesus Christ who will help us endure the tough times directly ahead. Steve ....Ed.


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