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Larry Edelson: A Ride Through Hell is Coming in the Next Few Months
August 4, 2015
Larry Edelson says a financial catastrophe is beginning now and will reach critical mass this fall.

In a recent recorded telephone call, Weiss Senior Analyst Larry Edelson said a financial crisis has just begun that will change everything about how we live, work, save and invest for years to come.

The telephone call was recorded between Larry Edelson and Mike Burnick, the Research Director for Weiss Research. The call sounds like it might be a scripted marketing gimmick to promote their upcoming meetings, but even so I believe his statements are newsworthy because he makes the following claims:
"On October 7, 2015, the first economic supercycle since 1929 will trigger a global financial crisis of epic proportions. It will bring Europe, Japan and the United States to their knees, sending nearly one billion human beings on a roller-coaster ride through hell the next five years. A ride like no generation has ever seen. I am 100% confident it will hit within the next few months."
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Former Reagan OMB director David Stockman told CBN on Thursday the stock market is teetering on the edge of a massive and unprecedented collapse.

Other analysts echo Stockman.

"Personally, I find that I put a lot more faith in cold, hard numbers than in what the talking heads on television have to say. And at this moment, the cold, hard numbers are telling us that another financial crisis in imminent," writes CNA Finance, a news site reporting on markets.

According to Max Keiser the greatest economic collapse in history is coming!


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