Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bad Days Ahead For Hillary

Will she lie her way into office like Obama? Will Americans wake up and take hold of the rights they possess or will they vote them away by electing another socialist, progressive, globalist like Hillary Clinton who like Obama will use the Cloward-Piven strategy to take this country down the road to hell.

Our Lord will repay the United States for the sins it has committed through America's leadership. If Hillary were to be elected the next president of the United States it will represent his hand of judgement on this once great nation. Only repentance on a national level as in the days of old in Israel (see old testament history) will stay God's fist of judgement.

Notice the dichotomy between the poster praising the local police and the Hillary poster above. Hillary's actions and lies are finally seeing the light of day. Americans are no longer fooled by her lies. There is only so much the Clintons can cover up: Hillary's role in the arms for money scandal of Bengazi; the current E-mail Gate controversy about hiding classified documents on her personal computer; the White Water scandal; the Watergate scandal; the death of the clinton's personal attorney Vince Foster.

The Lord has a way of revealing a person's heart no matter how much they try to cover up their true beliefs. Eventually it will be revealed. Look at how politicians vote on key issues; look at what groups and persons they associate themselves with. Don't listen to what they say. It is only propaganda to get elected. Look at all the promises Obama made to get elected!


unless the Lord believes we get what we as asleep, corrupt, Americans deserve.

A turning away from personal sin on a national level and reliance on God's great mercy is the only way the Lord will stay America's impending judgement.


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