Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Pitchforks Will Come. The Top 1% Are Running Scared. 

Look at what is coming to America! How about feeding our own first!

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IXTEPEC, MEXICO - AUGUST 06: Central American immigrants arrive on top of a freight train on August 6, 2013 to Ixtepec, Mexico. Thousands of Central American migrants ride the trains, known as 'la bestia', or the beast, during their long and perilous journey north through Mexico to reach the United States border. Some of the immigrants are robbed and assaulted by gangs who control the train tops, while others fall asleep and tumble down, losing limbs or perishing under the wheels of the trains. Only a fraction of the immigrants who start the journey in Central America will traverse Mexico completely unscathed - and all this before illegally entering the United States and facing the considerable U.S. border security apparatus designed to track, detain and deport them. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)


The U.S. Border Patrol has been told to stand down: not to arrest illegal immigrants along the 23 mile stretch of Arizona border where the Minuteman organization has been patrolling to stop illegal immigration according to The Washington Times.
The United States is facing an "orchestrated" humanitarian crisis on our southern border, as tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing the border in search of amnesty.

President Obama’s administration has made no effort to enforce border security laws, instead focusing on detaining the illegals and shipping them around the country. Fortunately, Texas, and numerous militia units, have stepped up with an emergency plan to secure the border on their own.

Unfortunately, censorship has become the unofficial rule and position of the federal government. A US Congressman was denied access to a facility housing illegal immigrants in his own district. Doctors and nurses treating the thousands of sick illegals are being forced to sign nondisclosure agreements, under threat of arrest, as are our Border Patrol agents.
Infowars.com reports:
The idea of Border Patrol and ICE agents being told to stand down is nothing new. Last year, Shawn Moran, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, revealed that Border Patrol management had, "begun the practice of ordering Border Patrol Agents to stand down and cease pursuing drug smugglers, human smugglers and traffickers, and illegal aliens."

The furloughing of ICE agents is likely to increase concerns that the Obama administration is pursuing the Cloward and Piven-style strategy of intentionally provoking a border crisis in order to bring the country to a state of near social collapse, a situation which would then mandate draconian state intervention.

Last month, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa told World Net Daily, "If you don’t see them bring reinforcements down there to seal the border, that means that, yes, it’s a Cloward-Piven maneuver to flood the country until we get to the point where we are an open-borders country that welcomes everybody, legal and illegal."

Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas echoed King’s sentiments, saying the Obama administration’s chaotic border policy was about creating a Democratic voting bloc.

As we reported recently, University of California Professor Darrell Y. Hamamoto sees mass uncontrolled immigration as part of a "plan to destroy national sovereignty" by bringing in huge numbers of people who can be re-educated in order to create a subservient underclass.
To see a more detailed, in depth use of the Cloward-Piven stategy by Barack Obama click this link.

These actions by the U.S. government are treasonous. This administration must be held accountable for putting U.S. citizens in imminent danger. These stand down orders are part of a plan to meld the U.S., Mexico and Canada into the North American Union by destroying our Western Christian heritage, obliterating our borders and destroying our free-market economy. Click the title link of this article to learn more.


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