Sunday, October 24, 2010

This evening, Alex Jones guest David Icke stated that the tipping point for full coercive world government implementation and control will occur in the years 2016-2020 based his review of the globalist elite timeline. This is why the U.S. government is training battle hardened American troops to patrol North America cities. What is happening in France today(riots) is what the U.S. government expects in the 2016 to 2020 time frame.

Here is an excellent article on the coming global currency and world government.

Towards a Global Currency and World Government

Today the world is hurtling into a new paradigm. A coercive world authority is emerging that is rapidly concentrating power and control, the culmination of centuries of planning by secret societies. First it will control the world economically and then politically. It denied it's existence for many years, but is now emerging, no longer existing in the shadows but openly being discussed by the world's leaders as the plan for total world control is put in place.

Before plausible deniability was the rule. Deny its existence, and ostracize, marginalize anyone who dared to question the elite about a conspiratorial plan to implement a coercive world government. Today it is no longer denied by the globalists but is put in our face with the attitude "Well, what are you going to do about it?"

The third stage of the plan for implementation will be forced obedience. "The tipping point" as David Icke stated to Alex Jones. The common perception today advanced by the popular media is that the tipping point will occur in 2012 however I do not believe that to be the case based on David Icke's analysis. Instead the 2012 hysteria will be used to implement phase II of the financial crisis. i.e. the total breakdown of the world's financial system including use of "BANK HOLIDAYS" to consolidate total control of all financial institutions. This will give the globalists the final justification for full implementation of their total control of the world's economy.

The present time period is very critical to the global elite because they must rapidly advance the technological means of control of the world's populations before significant resistance develops. You might say that it is a race against time and they know it. My guess is that the technological means to control everyone will not be fully implemented until the 2016-2020 time frame.

Think about it. How can a few bankers around an oval wooden table in a European foreign country control the whole world. This is only possible by technological means. They have been waiting for the last several hundred years for means of total control to accomplish this goal. Now through new advances in technology it is within their grasp. Advances such as facial recognition computer technology, iris scans to positively identify you without having take your fingerprints, gait recognition computer programs that identify you by the way you walk from far away satellites, tracking your every move within 3 meters virtually anywhere on the planet by means of your electronic communication device(cell phone even if it is turned off), traffic strobe cameras such as those around the beltway in Washington D.C. that take approximately 300 pictures per minute of every vehicle passing by.


Check out this link: One World Bancorp Announces e-money.

From their website: "One World Bancorp is a New Zealand offshore, international e-currency and financial services provider. E-currency is a digital representation of money and can be expressed in any currency." The cashless society is here!..ed.


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