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More and more frequently U.S. citizens are being harassed and bullied by US law enforcement officials, and TSA enforcers as this individual was when he was detained on April 23 of this year by federal authorities at San Francisco International Airport for refusing to answer questions about why he had travelled outside the United States.

The end result was that, after waiting for about half an hour and refusing to answer further questions, he was released - because U.S. citizens who have produced proof of citizenship and a written customs declaration are not obligated to answer questions upon reentry into the United States when arriving from abroad.

Lessons learned: Cops Really Don’t Like It When You Refuse To Answer Their Questions.
They’re Keeping Records. A federal, computer-searchable file exists.

This Is About Power, Not Security[emphasis added..ed.]. As Paul Karl Lukacs stated:
The CBP goons want U.S. citizens to answer their questions as a ritualistic bow to their power. Well, CBP has no power over me. I am a law-abiding citizen, and, as such, I am the master, and the federal cops are my servants. They would do well to remember that.
On April 10, Denver Police were responding to a noise complaint about a going-away party for a 23 year-old-man at his Lower Downtown apartment. He has filed a lawsuit saying he was "tortured" by Denver police officers who plowed the handcuffed man’s face across the floor of his apartment, kneed him in the face, stood on his ankles and bent his fingers backward.

When party guests used their cell phones to videotape and photograph the alleged police abuse, one of the police officers seized the phones and dumped them in a bowl of water "to destroy evidence," according the lawsuit.

On Friday morning, September 24, The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force raided six Minneapolis homes, executing search warrants related to an investigation into the material support of terrorism.
Steff Yorek, whose house was one of those searched, said she was still half-asleep at 7 a.m. when eight FBI agents came to her South Minneapolis home brandishing battering rams.

Yorek said the searches constitute harassment of people involved in anti-war and international solidarity work. She and some of the other people whose homes were searched are associated with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

"I think this is about our opposition to U.S.-funded war and death squads in Columbia and our solidarity with Palestine," she said.

But Yorek said she hasn't done anything wrong. "We have done absolutely nothing that could be considered material support of terrorism," she said. "This is just harassment."
It seems that the US government now believes in automatic guilt by association.
According to Reuters, Chicago antiwar activist (and longtime gay rights activist) Andy Thayer was also targeted, which he attributed to "solidarity work, for speaking out on the issues of the day."

CNN also listed the Palestine Solidarity Group, the Twin Cities Antiwar Committee, and Students for a Democratic Society as groups whose members were targeted. The Twin Cities Antiwar Committee’s office was also raided according to the group’s attorneys.
In an article by Paul Craig Roberts (father of Reaganomics, former head of policy at the Department of Treasury and a former editor for the Wall Street Journal)
Now we know what Homeland Security (sic) secretary Janet Napolitano meant when she said on September 10: "The old view that "if we fight the terrorists abroad, we won’t have to fight them here" is just that - the old view." The new view, Napolitano said, is "to counter violent extremism right here at home."[Notice the association of terrorism with extremism ..ed.]
This begs the question; What does the government of the United States of America, "the land of the free, and home of the brave" regard as violent extremism?
"Violent extremism" is one of those undefined police state terms that will mean whatever the government wants it to mean. In this morning’s FBI’s foray into the homes of American citizens of conscience, it means antiwar activists, whose activities are equated with "the material support of terrorism," just as conservatives equated Vietnam era anti-war protesters with giving material support to communism.

Anti-war activist Mick Kelly whose home was raided, sees the FBI raids as harassment to intimidate those who organize war protests. I wonder if Kelly is underestimating the threat. The FBI’s own words clearly indicate that the federal police agency and the judges who signed the warrants do not regard antiwar protesters as Americans exercising their Constitutional rights, but as unpatriotic elements offering material support to terrorism.

"Material support" is another of those undefined police state terms. In this context the term means that Americans who fail to believe their government’s lies and instead protest its policies, are supporting their government’s declared enemies and, thus, are not exercising their civil liberties but committing treason.

As this initial FBI foray is a softening up move to get the public accustomed to the idea that the real terrorists are their fellow citizens here at home, Kelly will get off this time. But next time the FBI will find emails on his computer from a "terrorist group" set up by the CIA that will incriminate him. Under the practices put in place by the Bush and Obama regimes, and approved by corrupt federal judges, protesters who have been compromised by fake terrorist groups can be declared "enemy combatants" and sent off to Egypt, Poland, or some other corrupt American puppet state - Canada perhaps - to be tortured until confession is forthcoming that antiwar protesters and, indeed, every critic of the US government, are on Osama bin Laden’s payroll.

Almost every Republican and conservative and, indeed, the majority of Americans will fall for this,...

Americans are the most gullible people who ever existed. They tend to support the government instead of the Constitution, and almost every Republican and conservative regards civil liberty as a coddling device that encourages criminals and terrorists.

The US media, highly concentrated in violation of the American principle of a diverse and independent media, will lend its support to the witch hunts that will close down all protests and independent thought in the US over the next few years. As the Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels said, "think of the press as a great keyboard on which the Government can play."

An American Police State was inevitable once Americans let "their" government get away with 9/11. Americans are too gullible, too uneducated, and too jingoistic to remain a free people. As another Nazi leader Herman Goering said, "The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. Tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace-makers for lack of patriotism and for exposing the country to danger."

This is precisely what the Bush and Obama regimes have done. America, as people of my generation knew it, no longer exists.
The United States government not only believes in guilt by association but also holds a dim view of U.S. Constitutionalists as we learn from an article published in the Economist which is owned by members of the Rothschild banking family of England. It is run by the Economist Group, a known CIA front. The CIA is a covert arm of the Unites States Government.

In an effort to debunk the Tea Party Movement and its reliance on the U.S. Constitution the editors of the Economist have stated that the Constitution does not address the "hard questions thrown up by modern politics," namely should gays be allowed to marry?

According to Kurt Nimmo
The Economist argument against the Constitution is the same one used by liberal academics. The document is antiquated, the product of a bygone era. The founders were afraid of "democracy taking hold," so they crafted a document designed to exclude the common people and preserve their aristocratic position.

Globalists love democracy. It is an easy enough task to fool the people, especially these days with 24-7 media and satellite television. It is a relatively simple matter to have the benighted masses vote away their natural rights under some cooked up false pretense.[such as the war on terror...ed.] Democracy is not freedom. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch. Freedom comes from the recognition of certain rights which may not be taken, not even by a 99% vote," wrote Marvin Simkin. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

We must realize that the "war on terror" is not a war against a foreign adversary, but instead an excuse to train law enforcement and the military to control U.S. citizens in the evolving U.S. police state. It is an excuse to justify arbitrary decisions by the Executive Branch inimical to citizens rights. It is an excuse used by the U.S. congress to pass draconian legislation stripping Americans of their hard fought freedoms and constitutional rights.

The "war on terror" is part of the plan to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty of the national independence of the United States which coincides with the CFR, Trilateral, and Club of Rome scheme to implement a world government.



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