Sunday, August 03, 2008

Thy Kingdom Come(1)

"..a significant number of "talking heads" - such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Laura Ingraham - are lobbying McCain to take Mitt Romney as his running mate. Romney, they argue, would bring much needed private-sector business experience and economic understanding to the Republican ticket. However, Romney makes more than a few Christians nervous.

According to a newly released book My Kingdom Come, written by ex-Mormon Ed Decker*, the Mormon hierarchy has big plans for Mitt Romney. Ed writes:
The very ethos of the Mormon faith is built around the anticipated return of Jesus to Independence, Missouri, for his thousand-year millennial reign. It is here that he will assign godhood to the worthy. However, it cannot take place until the U.S. Constitution falters and is saved by the LDS church(Church of Latter Day Saints). The nation will become a Mormon theocracy. Mitt Romney has raised Mormon speculation that this may be the time and that he may be the one to lead the way as both U.S. President and LDS high priest.(2)
Decker documents his assertions in chapter 12 of his book. He reveals that the LDS Church believes the U.S. Constitution is a divine document(3) that has set the stage for a Mormon one world ruler. He warns, "[The] theocracy would come into existence when the U.S. Constitution would hang by a thread and the Mormon elders would be there to save it and the country, thereby ushering in the The Kingdom of God, the prophesied Mormon theocracy."(4)

He continues, "Mitt Romney's LDS understanding of the U.S. Constitution and its divine role in the end times is not that of the average American."(5) Decker further warns that some of the LDS temple oaths - including the "execution of the penalty" for disobedience at the time Mitt Romney took out his "temple Endowments" - are taken "directly from the rituals of Blue Lodge Masonry, the source of much of the LDS temple rituals. It is no wonder, since the first five presidents and prophets of the LDS church were Masons."(6)

Decker concludes:
These high - level Temple Mormons clearly know that this Mormon "Kingdom of God" is, in reality, a Mormon one-world government, a theocracy, soon coming to America, that will be run by the strong arm of the Mormon Brethren, headed up by the only true prophet of God on earth. It is clear that they did swear such an oath."(7)
(To obtain the book My Kingdom Come by Ed Decker, visit garykah.com)

*At one time Decker was a member of the "Holy Melchizedek" priesthood, a "Temple Mormon" and active in leadership in local LDS churches.


End Notes

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