Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Well friends, I am back "in the saddle again" after a long absence due to to the death of my father. Hope you haven't been to disappointed while waiting. The information warfare must go on! We fight misinformation and government propaganda at every turn with proof from their own documents to win the information war. Do not get your info. from Fox News, CNN or any other major network. They are in bed with the international cartel.


Internet 2

In 2006 a classified Pentagon document, entitled the Information Operation Roadmap(written in 2003) was released to the public after a Freedom of Information Request by the National Security Archive at George Washington University.

The Pentagon's Information Operations Roadmap is blunt about the fact that an Internet, with the potential for free speech, is in direct opposition to their goals. The Internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy "weapons system".

Part of the Information Operation Roadmap's plans for the internet are to "ensure the graceful degradation of the network rather than its collapse." (pg 45) This is presented in "defensive" terms, but presumably, it is as exclusively defensive as the Department of Defense.

As far as the Pentagon is concerned the Internet is not all bad, after all, it was the Department of Defense through DARPA that gave us the Internet in the first place. The Internet is useful not only as a business tool but also is excellent for monitoring and tracking users, acclimatizing people to a virtual world, and developing detailed psychological profiles of every user, among many other Pentagon positives. But, one problem with the current Internet is the potential for the dissemination of ideas and information not consistent with US government themes and messages, commonly known as free speech. Naturally, since the plan was to completely dominate the "infosphere," the Internet would have to be adjusted or replaced with an upgraded and even more Pentagon friendly successor.

In an article by Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet.com, he describes the emergence of Internet 2.

"The development of "Internet 2" is also designed to create an online caste system whereby the old Internet hubs would be allowed to break down and die, forcing people to use the new taxable, censored and regulated world wide web. If you're struggling to comprehend exactly what the Internet will look like in five years unless we resist this, just look at China and their latest efforts to completely eliminate dissent and anonymity on the web.

The European Union has moved to completely regulate Internet freedom. The first step is the introduction of licensing laws where you would be required to register, pay tax and only receive permission to operate a website if your material didn't violate the broad ranging "hate speech" laws legislated by the EU - criticizing the EU itself is deemed "hate speech."


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